12-Year-Old Donates Bow Ties To Help Animals Find Forever Homes

Cute dog

The young entrepreneur Darius Brown is looking for a home for animal shelters, and he does so with style. The 12-year-old makes flies for dogs and cats in the hope that it will help more of them find a home.

Many people have a hard time resisting a puppy. But a puppy with a fly? That’s just not even fair.

Brown, who visits Sir Darius Brown on social media, carries a bow tie himself most of the time. “Everywhere I go, I wear a fly,” he says.

source : https://www.instagram.com/sirdariusbrown/

It all started when he was eight years old, and his older sister started doing hair loops at the beauty school. Brown had been diagnosed at the age of two with delays in understanding, speech and fine motor skills, and helping out with his sister’s sewing projects seemed to help him.

“With his fine motor skills, he was unable to use his hands properly to tie a shoe that was a challenge,” his sister said on the Today show. “My mother and I got the idea that if he helped us with things like preparing the tape or cutting the tape and sewing fabric together, it would help him. And it worked!”

Brown started making his own flies to wear, and eventually his love for animals led him to make them for his furry friends as well. In the meantime, he has donated hundreds of connections to animal shelters across the country.

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