2-Year-Old Toddler Went Missing For 2 Days, Found Protected By A Hero Pit Bull!


I can’t imagine what a parent goes through when their kid disappears. It’s every parent’s worst nightmare, because all kinds of scenarios have to happen in their head and always have no answers.

When two-year-old girl Charlee Campbell disappeared from her grandmother’s house, everyone desperately searched the Kentucky countryside. As day turned to night, the situation soon became very disturbing.

It was a warm June day in 2018 when Charlee’s grandmother missed the toddler along with her best friend and family dog bull Penny.

Despite emergency teams and 100 volunteers searching the area, Charlee was still missing 36 hours later.

Neighbor Wayne Brown was in his house praying that little Charlee would be found safely when he discovered something in the corner of his eye.

Could this blonde lightning miss Charlee?

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