6 things you can do in Hawaii Besides going to the beach


Hawaii is an extremely popular tourist destination. According to Hawaiian government data, more than 9.1 million tourists visited the state in 2017 alone, and this popularity does not seem to be slowing down either. Hawaii is really the perfect paradise place to take your next getaway.

In addition to the obvious appeal of their beautiful fine sandy beaches, spectacular sunsets, wonderful volcanic activity and unique Hawaiian culture, there are many other reasons why the Hawaiian Islands should be visited. Here are some of the best things you could and should do during your visit.

Go whale watching

Hawaii is perhaps the best place to get closer to the majestic giant that is the humpback whale. There are a variety of boat cruises and whale-watching excursions taking place, popular for anyone who wants to take a look. Remember that the high season each year extends from November to May, and seeing them at sunset or sunrise is even more spectacular.

Have fun in the adventure parks

Hawaii’s vast and beautiful landscape is complemented by a host of trails, tracks and adventure parks located in the middle of the island’s terrain. The zip line is the latest fun activity to attract adrenaline lovers, offering exciting adventures through the breathtaking mountainous regions with the best views you could ask for! Afterwards, you can go down to the natural swimming pools to refresh yourself. Zip line courses are definitely a family course!

Put your snorkels on

There are many varied marine excursions to allow you to venture out, and snorkeling excursions are an excellent way for you to see with your own eyes the exotic aquatic life that inhabits the seas surrounding the Hawaiian Islands – tropical fish, turtles, dolphins, etc. If you feel brave, some trips even offer the exhilarating experience of swimming in the natural habitat of sharks. Be careful, it’s not for fearful people.

Take the waves

Forget the experts. It’s time you took a surfboard and tried it yourself! Often referred to as the world’s surf capital, if you’re looking to jump on the waves, Hawaii is certainly the place for you. There are many places to join us and take lessons, and don’t forget the other water sports too….jet ski, windsurfing, and SUP.

Go play golf

If you are a passionate golfer, you will be in golf heaven on the courses that Hawaii has to offer. Resorts are 5-star quality, with unspoilt greens, exceptional atmospheres and magnificent views, perfect for all golf enthusiasts – from beginners to elite golfers looking to play in private.

Visit food markets

Food markets are the epicenter of a true discovery of Hawaiian culture, so why not take a look at the local products available in the various markets on the islands. Fresh organic produce is abundant and it is always good to try something you have never tasted before. In addition, you will provide long-term support for the local population.

Four large Hawaiian islands have important tourism industries – The Big Island, Oahu, Maui and Kaua. Each of these paradises has a unique charm and abundant activities that you should seriously consider checking out. Seriously, what are you waiting for?


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