6 Tourist Traps That Are Worth Checking Out On Your Next Vacation

6 Tourist Traps That Are Worth Checking Out On Your Next Vacation

The coming travel season means taking well-deserved time off, visiting new cities and bumping your shoulders with the nearly 100 million other Americans who want to do the same this year.

The fight against traffic and crowds is definitely a drawback of travel, so it’s understandable if you want to skip the obvious tourist traps and look for things off the beaten track. While all this is well and good, there are a few “tourist” activities that you should reconsider. You might be surprised how funny they really are.

1. get on and off a bus tour.

Going through town in a big double-decker bus screams, “I’m not from here!” But don’t let this over-tourism activity rest on you until you’ve tried it out. During my first trip to Boston, I decided to go on a hop-on and hop-off bus tour at the suggestion of a local, and it remains one of my favorite activities.

“You can be a quick, convenient and inexpensive way to get a first glimpse of a city,” said Miguel A. Suro, a Miami lawyer who runs The Rich Miser with his wife. “They can also help you find out where you want to go for a little deeper tourism later.

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