A brave dog returns home after two years


Dogs are undoubtedly our best friends. Their loyalty and love are irrevocable. They are welcome home after a long day, with a happy face that is delighted to see us even though we have only recently left. These special animals are content to be in our presence. For Matt Hairbottle, his dog was all of these and more.

By : @zeus_the_brave
A brave dog returns home after two years of sacrifice

Hairbottle and Zeus became the best buds in winter 2014. He was studying in Grahamstown at the time and he got Zeus from a breeder in Joburg. “I found an online ad for the sale of puppies and I really wanted to buy a dog,” he says.

He explained that Zeus was the cutest puppy on earth, saying, “He stole my heart and since then he is my best friend. He did everything with me. He lived in all the houses I lived in, he made my university career, he grew up with me there. I lived alone for two years while I was studying and he lived with me all that time. When I moved in with friends in fourth grade, he was there with us.”

Hairbottle moved to Cape Town with Zeus in 2017. The couple settled into a dig in Rondebosch with friends where they made incredible memories and celebrated Zeus’ 21st (3rd) birthday.

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