A couple Adopts Special Needs Cats And Gives Them Best Life


Animal rescue groups around the world are encouraging people to do two things with animals: sterilize and adopt. In the United States, 7.6 million abandoned and stray animals enter shelters each year. There are many animal shelters that regularly open all over the world, but they cannot yet accommodate all stray animals. And this list includes animals that have only a few months to live or have been diagnosed with health problems that require more care.

For Georgina and her fiancé Christopher, adopting their first cat was one of the best decisions they ever made.

Their 16-year-old cat, Herbie, was already sick when they adopted him and unfortunately died a few months after his arrival at Georgina and Christopher’s. The couple’s heart was broken, but the hope was great because now they have room again for other cats to live forever in their homes.

“We couldn’t stop thinking about the animals in the shelter who only have a few months left to live,” says Georgina. “And they would spend the rest of their lives in this shelter.”

Georgina and Christopher didn’t want this for them, so they decided to look for cats to adopt that would have trouble finding a permanent home.

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