A Momentum firefighter hero brings a dog back to life with cardiopulmonary resuscitation and an oxygen mask.


The firefighters later revealed that they stopped drawing at one point when it looked as if Jack wouldn’t make it. But luckily he did, largely because of the oxygen he received. The department later added that the pet oxygen mask was supplied by the Scouts, who placed pet mask kits on every BFD fire engine, thanks to two girls who collected over $2,000 to make sure all Bakersfield fire units had the life-saving equipment.

Credit: Crystal Lamirande

BFD firefighters immediately transported Jack to a local vet clinic to inspect and treat him. A short time later, they announced that Jack had significantly improved and reunited with his family. “Jack spent the night on extensive oxygen therapy and suffered some respiratory injuries and burns to his feet, but now he’s doing well under veterinary supervision,” they published on Facebook.

He also received a visit from BFD firefighter Matt Smith, who carried Jack out of the house. Smith visited Jack at the hospital to check on him and give him a comforting hug.

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Comment from Youtube :

  • “We need more people like them”
  • “Not all heroes wear capes! ?”
  • “May God bless them :)”
  • “Thanks For Saving Our Animal friends”
  • “thanks tomonews I smiled enough for a week”
  • “OMG ? After hearing the story of that puppy in the burning house, all I wanted to do was hug that awesome hero ? Then when I saw the adorable puppy I started crying ?❤️”



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