A dog thrown away like a garbage can is now treated like a queen


Vici lived her life as one thing, and only one thing: a raising machine. She was a puppy factory dog whose only purpose was to produce litters one after the other until one day, she was no longer needed.

In fact, she was seriously injured several times, including an eye bite from another dog that caused permanent damage. She also got her foot crushed by a lawn mower. She did not receive veterinary care, which aggravated her injuries. Her life was really heartbreaking.

Then Vici turned 10. As she was too old to have puppies, the farmer who ran the mill threw her out like a garbage can. How cruel! But fortunately, a rescue group called Finding Shelter Animal Rescue heard about Vici and Herbert, its co-founder, went to get it.

When Herbert arrived at the farm to pick up Vici, the farmer had put her in a cage at the end of his driveway. She was terrified and crying all the time. The heartless farmer didn’t want the rescuer on his land and didn’t care if Victoria was afraid or not!

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