An officer finds a dog that eats a couch to survive and adopts it from his family.

An officer finds a dog that eats a couch to survive and adopts it from his family.

A nose under a door calls for help

Officers in Plainfield, New Jersey, were summoned to a home for a welfare check after neighbours reported that they had not seen or heard a man who was supposed to live in the home. When the officers arrived, they found a dog sniffing under the door. They contacted the man’s neighbours and ex-girlfriend who confirmed that the man was safe and would not return. They said we were taking care of the cat and the dog.
A second thought saved two lives

Later that evening, the ex-girlfriend decided to investigate further. She entered the house with the help of the owner. Inside this deplorable house, they found a lonely cat and dog, emaciated, without food or water. They were left to die alone. The woman took the cat, but the dog, rightly named Sarge, was taken to the Plainfield Humane Society.


Hungry for food and love

The sergeant is a red-nosed pit bull aged 15 to 17 years old and, once rescued, weighed only 30 pounds maximum. The New Jersey Agent 101.5 reported that Officer Louise described Sarge as “skin and bone” and too weak to even walk alone.

He told TAPinto South Plainfield: “He is so old, but he needed a house. Even if he probably only has a few years left, we can help him spend them here, with a garden, other dogs, children and a family.”

Adapting and overcoming

This determined little guy was literally starving to death. He was also undeniably determined to live and was not ready to give up the hope of being saved. Out of desperation, this resourceful boy had started eating a couch inside the residence to survive.

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