A family abandons a 17-year-old dog in a shelter because he is “too old”.

sad puppy

Most people treat their pets with nothing but love. After all, pets are a blessing. They bring so much joy into our lives that we cannot imagine having mistreated them. Coming home and having an empty house where your four-legged friend is not there to greet you sounds discouraging.

Unfortunately, many people think differently about their animals. It is a sad reality that many owners have had enough of their pets for various reasons.

As a result, 4 million dogs are brought into shelters every year. Although it is better than throwing your pet on the street to defend yourself, it is still discouraging to know that people have no problem abandoning their animals after spending years with them.

For a dog named Maddison, their story is more heartbreaking than most others. Maddison was abandoned at a shelter in Los Angeles for a special reason: her age.
-Maddison was in her seventeenth year when her family decided she didn’t want her anymore. -Maddison gets along well with dogs and cats, but has no interest in children. She often prefers to spend time at home, but is still working on her homework. When Maddison entered the shelter, she had to get used to her new life.

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  1. Please tell me shes being given a home in a fosterhome tell she gets here own home.
    Just were is she.i live in mill city OREGON.i dont know were she is so please let me know what going on with this furry 4 legged child


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