[VIDEO] Can Dogs Feel Lonely ? Lonely Puppy Waits On Street For Someone!

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Introduction :

It is always difficult to leave your dog for the day when you have to go to work, run an errand or go on vacation. We all love our puppies and we want to take them wherever we go.

The worst thing is to see those doggy eyes when you close the door behind you. Some dogs will even try to block the door with their noses so you can’t leave! No matter what your dog does, it’s usually pretty obvious that he loves you and doesn’t want you to leave. But what happens after we leave? Many people wonder if, when their dog is alone during the day, they never feel alone.

Unfortunately, the owners of guilty dogs, our puppies can feel lonely. Dogs are able to feel a number of emotions, and loneliness is one of them. Fortunately, you don’t have to feel bad for too long! There are a ton of things we can do to be good owners of our furry children, even if we have to leave them for long periods of time.

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