Cat Visits Neighbor’s House Looking For Deceased Dog Friend


It’s been a year since Gracie died, a dog who was the cat’s best friend Baby Gray. But she still shows up on her scheduled dates. Like a clock she walks around the yard every day, stopping at the sliding door in the hope that her friend will come to meet her in the glass. She waits there, sometimes for 20 minutes or longer.

Gracie’s mother, noticed for the first time that the mysterious cat visited her farm two and a half years ago and that she and her family have been calling her “Baby Grey” ever since. They don’t know his real name, but they think he lives two streets away from his house.

A broken-hearted cat still looking for her deceased girlfriend.
Gracie in the yard

When Baby Gray climbed into the fenced backyard of Gracie’s family for the first time, the dog immediately greeted her; she was more interested in making friends than in scaring the intruders.

Gracie was a friend of everyone on her property, from squirrels and rabbits to hawks, and of course she was eager to learn more about the last visitor.

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