Cat Who Had Been Missing for 11 Years Is Finally Reunited with His Owner in New York

Carol O’Connell had seen Tiger roam her neighborhood for three years before she managed to get close enough to the cat.

One woman was ready for the surprise of her life when her beloved cat, who had been missing for over a decade, showed up in New York this week.

Dutchess County SPCA employee Carol O’Connell spent the last three years watching a stray cat roam her neighborhood, according to Hyde Park’s animal rescue team, who published the amazing story on their Facebook page on Thursday.

Tiger was missing for 11 years.Source:Facebook

Although the cat passed her house from time to time, the DCSPCA said O’Connell never managed to get close enough to stroke her – until recently.

“On a whim she borrowed a scanner from the shelter and discovered that the cat was microchipped,” the DCSPCA wrote on Facebook, adding that the chip enabled O’Connell to learn that the black-brown furry animal had a name and an owner.

But that wasn’t the most fascinating part of the story: Tiger, as he was called, had been missing from his mother Maggie Welz for 11 years!

After visiting a doctor who noticed that Tiger was “remarkably well in shape because he was on the road for so long,” he was finally reunited with Welz on Thursday.

The sweet moment was documented by a series of photos on the Facebook page of the DCSPCA and included everything from Tiger sitting in his cage, to him being examined by a vet, to the heartwarming moment when he was reunited with Welz.

Tiger had a reunion with his mum Maggie, after getting checked out by DCSPCA clinic director Dr Crum.Source:Facebook

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