Corgi stubborn refuses to accept that the park be closed


As far back as his family can remember, Waffles’ two favorite things in the world were always his toy balls and the way to the park.

“We can’t even say the word ‘park’ or ‘ball’ in the house, otherwise it will bark until we take it and that’s no exaggeration,” said Michaella Sena, Waffles’ mother, to the dodo. “He turns the bark into a constant moan and he doesn’t stop, so we are very careful with our words because God forbids us to say basketball or picnic in a park because we have to go there immediately.

Waffles is looking forward to his walks in the park, but last week, when he and his father arrived in the park as usual, his father quickly realized that he was closed for a holiday event. He tried to explain to Waffles that they couldn’t walk in the park that day, but Waffles absolutely refused to listen.


Corgi stubborn refuses to accept that the park be closed

Stubborn Corgi had been told that he would go to the park…….

…. so he dug his heels and refused to move until this dream came true.

When we say park, it means park,” “So he slowed down his Corgi and parked there until he could get in.”


Fortunately for Waffles, the stalemate didn’t last long – because his father just can’t say no to this adorable face.

“Waffles’ father told him in a video about the dead end he later sent to Sena.

Despite all the signs, the two men made their way through the park and tried to walk around unnoticed. Even if it meant breaking the rules, Waffles walked through the park no matter what. In fact, everything went pretty well – until they almost accidentally got stuck inside.

“When they arrived on the other side of the park, they turned and noticed a woman closing the gate, so they had to sneak out of another parking lot where all the workers were parked – otherwise Waffles’ dream of living in the park would have come true,” Sena said.

For Waffles, of course, it was still an incredibly successful trip in the park because it happened. There were never any signs that would prevent the stubborn Corgi from realizing his dreams.

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