Cute cats sleeping in uncomfortable positions

cute cats sleeping in uncomfortable positions

There are two things we really, really love about the world. You want to know the first one? Cats. These little fur balls make our lives so much better, even if we don’t really know what they do most of the time. Are they really cute? Or are they planning our death? Sometimes it’s hard to say, especially when they go out for hours and change moods as fast as we change our clothes (which, you know, is a lot). One minute they’ll love us, the next minute they’ll whistle at us and run their claws up and down our brand new couch. Unfortunately, cats are strange creatures.

However, we have something in common with cats. We both share our second love: sleep. Yes, we like to take a good nap after work… or before work… or during work. We love getting into a few Zs while we watch our favorite TV show (which means we have to rewind it about seven times to understand what’s going on) and we love snuggling on the couch with our kittens. But it seems that cats like to sleep as much as we do – and they might even like it more than we do (although this is unlikely). When our cats don’t bring us dead mice or birds, or they’re not nice to us for a change, we can bet our hats will sleep. And they slept anywhere. Inside, outside or anywhere in between.

Of course, we just had to categorize all the different sleep positions we found and give you the most embarrassing sleep directory. You can thank us later.

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