Dog Lost in The Woods For 28 Days, Watch Her Reaction as She Finally Reunites With Her Family


Justin Scott was a dedicated and hard-working paramedic, a loving husband and a caring father. One day, a very difficult and tragic event at work led Justin into a dark time. That’s when he and his family decided to adopt their adorable dog Shelby to support him emotionally. They had rescued her from an animal shelter and soon Justin had rescued her.

However, the tide turned when the family decided to celebrate a party in the mountains and Shelby accidentally ran away.

A few hours away from home, how would she reconnect with her family? Would she be able to survive alone in the forest?

Read on to find out.

Justin and Sara Scott are a happy couple living in Santa Clarita, California. They are raising three wonderful sons together, and both are very passionate about their craft.

They both share a career as Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) for Los Angeles County.

The job of an EMT is usually very demanding, and fortunately Justin and Sara are able to comfort and understand each other after a hard day’s work.

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