Dog Suffers Allergic Reaction After Owner Dyed It Pink, Ends Up Losing an Ear


I don’t know about you, but I find sitting in a barbershop getting my hair dyed is enough to make me cry. But in the name of beauty, I put up with it! However, I’ve always found that it’s a bit much when dog owners choose to give their pets such an experience, especially since poor people don’t have much to say in this situation. Trying to make cute dogs using human grooming attributes is definitely going too far. Although these treatments are supposed to be animal-friendly, the owner of a poor little Pomeranian found out at his expense that dog dyes are not a good idea.

Diffy the dyed dog

Diffy the Pomeranian is a perfect example of a dog dye that went wrong. His owner decided to have his ears and tail dyed pink, resulting in the loss of his left ear.

When Diffy’s owner brought him home from her fur dyeing appointment, she noticed that his ears had become droopy. She asked for advice on how to post it online: “Before the dyeing, my dog’s ears were sticking out. But after I went to the pet store and the dog’s stylist dyed his ear with foil for 40 minutes without heat… they were folded back.”

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