Dog Suffers Brain Damage After Being Left Inside 50C Degree Car

Dog Suffers

People were repeatedly told about the dangers of leaving a baby or pet in the vehicle – regardless of the weather outside.

But the police in America had to struggle with a devastating incident in Colorado after they found a dog stuck in a boiling hot car.

The officers saw the dog parked inside the car in front of a supermarket and were forced to smash a window to save it.

According to the mirror, the temperature inside the car was a full 50 degrees Celsius.


Because he was left in the vehicle, it is reported that the dog suffered a suspected brain damage and is now in intensive care.

Officer Dave Kornowski told Fox News, “The dog couldn’t even bark, it was so hard to wheeze. The mouth was dry, it was lethargic. He could not even control himself.

“If you loved your animal, you wouldn’t leave it like that in the hot car.”

The owner of the car allegedly came back to the scene and complained when he saw the window smashed. The owner then started in the car before he was arrested.

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