Dog tied in the woods without water, without food, left to suffer!

poor dog

Tied in an isolated place, how long would she really survive without food and water, she waited in vain for her master to return, but every moment was a disappointment.

She barked and barked, desperate not to lose hope, to still imagine that she would eventually be heard by anyone.
Then a nearby resident, close enough to hear the barking, heard her scream for help with frenzy!


The animal control officer, Alex Kelly, said, “I received a call from a resident who told me that there was a dog tied somewhere in the back of their building, and that the dog was screaming and screaming all night.


Alex arrived fast enough to meet the person who called him, while they were going to check what was going on, there was no dog?
Looking around Alex, I saw a head looking out, behind a bush on the other side of the river in front of them.

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