Greek cat sanctuary hiring a guardian to live on the island, supervise 55 cats


55 cats

Those who went to the local multiplex to see the latest episode of Mamma Mia probably dream of a trip to a beautiful Greek island. If you are one of these people and you are the kind of person who prefers to be around cats rather than people, you are lucky.There is a opportunity for a great job waiting for you.

Syros is a Greek island located just off the coast. The population is small (about 20,000 inhabitants) and it is a unique place to live. God’s Little People Cat Rescue is dedicated to providing assistance to all animals in the area who need it. Dozens of stray cats live on this island and they receive the help they need from an artist named Joan.

Much love for all these cats

She and her husband are more than happy to offer food and shelter to all these cats. They have been living on the island since 2010 and have been running this cat sanctuary for some time now. Since then, the couple has decided to move on. To do this, they must find someone else who is willing to take care of these cats.Their Facebook advertising seems to have come out of a dream.

A paid job where you hang out with cats all the time? It looks like a fairy tale. However, there is one small catch that needs to be discussed first. Anyone who accepts this position accepts responsibility for no less than 55 cats. Candidates who are trained nurses or veterinarians are the first to be able to fill this position.

There are also other benefits that must be mentioned when it comes to this opportunity. In addition to living on a beautiful island, you will also have the chance to live in a small house with a beautiful garden. The views are also laughable. The ideal candidate for this position is someone who loves and appreciates cats. The job is paid the equivalent of US$560 per month.

Cats need to be fed and they also need a lot of love and attention. Utilities associated with the home are included and do not leave the employee’s pocket. Driving a family vehicle is necessary to take the animals to the veterinarian, if necessary. If you know someone crazy enough to apply for this position, feel free to share this story with them!


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