Large dog “Strikes” on the window of the elderly woman beginning the unforgettable unforgettable friendship of beginning


Sometimes best friendships are formed when you least expect them. No one knows that more than Sally Reenhorn, 95.

Two years ago, the widow noticed a “surprise” visitor lying in front of the sliding glass doors of her house in Mount Vernon, Washington. It was a St. Bernard puppy named Brody, who had moved away from the next door.

The two of them immediately agreed.

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Sally, who lived alone, couldn’t resist the urge to give this adorable puppy a snack. But without dog treats in the closet, she decided to try a delicious alternative.

She explained to KOMO News,

“I thought, well, maybe he wants some old bread. And he loved it! And to this day, you won’t believe it, he won’t take dog food from me! He only wants bread from me!”

Source: YouTube screenshot

This was only the beginning of their very beautiful friendship.

The adorable St. Bernard actually belongs to neighbours Dave and Edie Mazzarella, but that doesn’t mean they’re not happy to leave the two “hanging out”. After their first meeting, Sally and Brody quickly became close friends.
He started visiting the elderly lady’s retirement home every day, if not several times a day!

They did all kinds of activities together: watching football, spending time in the yard, walking to church. Brody was very fond of Sally, who has loved animals since she was a little girl and grew up on a farm in Holland.

Source: YouTube screenshot

She said it TODAY:

"As soon as he sees me, he's so happy."

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