Man Heroically Rushes Into Burning House To Save His Dog

The man storms heroically into the burning house to save his dog.

If your house was on fire and your dog was trapped in it, would you risk your life to run in and save him? They may have heard the story about the man who was arrested trying to save his dogs from their burning home, but a man in Australia could defy the flames before anyone could stop him.

Source: The Maitland Mercury – Photo by Cath Bowen
Picture : CATH BOWEN

In Rutherford, Australia, a man named Mark Woodbury made a short trip to the shop. When he got home, he noticed smoke coming out of his rear window. His house was on fire, and the first thing that occurred to him was to save his dog, a 4-year-old mixture of German Shepherd called Ditch. Without hesitation he ran to his house; but he was forced to leave twice because it was already too hot and there was too much smoke. But he didn’t give up. On his third attempt he hurried into his house and stumbled over something. It was his dog, Ditch, and he was already unconscious of all the smoke.

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