Man offers land and a house as reward for finding his beloved dog.


The love that comes from the relationship between a human being and his dog is one of the most beautiful feelings you can feel. Capable of unconditional and unparalleled love, animals offer loyalty and affection without asking for anything in return. And by losing these companions, the emptiness left by them is often desperate.

Inspired by this love and the lack of his beloved dog, a man living in Arizona, USA, offers everything he has to find his best friend.

Eddie Collins has been looking for his dog “Jenny” every day since Chihuahua, 2, disappeared in April. Unfortunately, his offer of a cash reward did not give any solid clues.

“I need your help,” he said. “I’ll be really happy if you bring it back to me.”

On Friday, he raised the bet. Offer a plot of land with a one-bedroom house to anyone who helps you find Jenny.

“I am ready to give the land, the trailer, the workshop, all in a clear and free framework, no questions asked. I just want Jenny back,” he told KVOA-TV.

He hopes that the detachment gesture will not go unnoticed so that he can get his puppy back.
“For me, it’s not about material things, it’s about my dog,” says Collins.

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