Man Spends $400,000 To Buy A Slaughterhouse & Saves 2,000 Dogs.


Man was rich until he $400,000 to buy a slaughterhouse and saves 2,000 dogs.

Wang Yan, 29-year-old Chinese entrepreneur, has turned an abandoned slaughterhouse into a home for stray dogs.
China is not such a good place for man’s best friend. In fact, the Asian country slaughters 18 million dogs every year (a ridiculous number compared to 150 billion animals killed each year for food purposes).

Dog meat is a traditional dish of Chinese culture. It is believed to improve male fertility and reject evil spirits and diseases. Three years ago, Wang Yan, an entrepreneur in the iron and steel industry, lost his dog. He searched everywhere for his animal, also in the dog slaughterhouse of his hometown Changchun in the northeast of China.

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  1. Feeling Proud # still there are some people in this world who have taken the responsibility # for animals #### Huge respect for you sir

  2. In the article he says he doesn’t accept donations, however; he then says he would accept donations and supplies. So where can we donate? i would definitely support a cause like this. Saving our fur babies


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