Miracle Puppy Found Alive Under A Bridge With His Mouth Taped Shut


To think that there are people who love animals and others who do not particularly like animals seems reasonable. I mean, the world is made up of all kinds of things. But when you add to this mixture of humanity, those who are terribly cruel and abusive towards animals, it is more difficult for most of us to understand. Maybe the answer is just that there is evil in this world. Fortunately, there are also benevolent people and God’s timing. It is the story of the three, of God’s cruelty, kindness and timing. Hang in there because this story has a happy ending.

dog sick
Source: Griffith Animal Hospital Facebook Page

Bob Hoelter, of Griffith, Indiana, didn’t even know why he decided to walk four miles to and from the store in the middle of winter. He put the idea in chalk, saying why not, and that he could use the exercise. As he crossed a bridge, Hoelter heard moans from underneath the bridge near the water. After further investigation, he found a puppy with a mouth closed with tape near the water’s edge under the bridge.

Hoelter relived the moment by saying, “I was looking at the water and the land, but I can’t see anything, but I can hear it. I’ve reached the bottom. I finally see it!” Hoelter didn’t waste any time helping the puppy. “I just threw it in my jacket, crawled it back and started taking it to the animal hospital,” he says. Once Hoelter and the puppy arrived at the Griffith Animal Hospital, the veterinarian’s staff got to work. Hoelter was still on foot, so he continued his initial journey to the store.

man cry dog sick
Source: Bob Hoelter

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