Mohammed was the most popular first name for boys born in Berlin in 2018, study reveals .

  • Mohammed was in the top 10 most popular boy names in six of Germany’s 16 states.
  • He was 24th on the list for the whole of Germany when the middle names were included.
  • The study of baby names was carried out by the Association for the German Language.

Mohammed was the most popular name for baby boys in Berlin last year, it emerged.

The Association for the German Language revealed that the name was among the ten most popular in six of the country’s 16 states.

In addition to the Land of Berlin, the Land of Berlin was at the top of the list in Berlin, Hamburg, North Rhine-Westphalia, Saarland and Hesse in 2018.

Across Germany, it was 24th on the list when its different spellings and use in children’s middle names were added together.

In Berlin, he moved from sixth to first place as the most popular boy’s name, ahead of Louis and Emil.

The association’s general director, Andrea Ewels, has already said that the name of Mohammed’s ascent was “of course linked to the wave of immigration”.

She said last year that he could enter the top ten most popular baby names in the country by 2021 or 2022.

More than one million migrants from the Middle East and North Africa have entered Germany since Angela Merkel opened the country’s doors in 2015.

Across the country, Ben was the most popular name for boys while Emma was at the top of the list for girls.

Paul, Leon, Noah, Noah, Noah and Louis or Luis were the second highest ranked sons of the parents, followed by Jonah, Eliah, Henry or Henry, Felix, and Lukah or Lucah.

For girls

Hannah was the second most popular, followed by Mia, Sophia or Sofia and Emilia.

The first names Lina, Mila, Ella, Klara or Clara, and Anna completed the top ten newborn girls.

Language experts said that parents in the northern and eastern states of Germany were more likely to display names from their grandparents’ generation.

They included Mathilda, Frieda, Ida and Greta for girls, and Karl, Oskar, Anton, Jakob and Theo for boys.

More than 65,000 different baby names were recorded in the study.


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