Mom Bribes Baby To Say ‘Mama,’ With Food, Dies Of Laughter When Dog Says ‘Mama’ First


We all know that babies and dogs can bring so much pleasure and smiles to our home, and this is certainly the case with the Diaz-Giovanini family in Utah…. Mommy Andrea wanted to reward her nine-month-old boy Sam and wanted to hear the word “mama” from his mouth, but she certainly hadn’t expected to hear it from anyone else!

The charming dog Patch listened to her almost immediately and cried “Mama” a few times.

It’s absolutely sweet, hilarious and about the most lovable thing we’ve seen all day. The howling of the patch is also surprisingly accurate. This dog has a great talent!



The puppy always kept his eyes on the food Andrea was holding in his hand, as if he wanted to claim the reward for himself.
The whole thing becomes even more fun as Baby Sam realizes that Patch is trying to steal his spotlight.

Patch is a trained Australian miniature shepherd dog and is incredibly loyal and trustworthy. He is a very special member of the family because Patch helped very much in the recovery of the grandmother of the family who had suffered a brain injury from a car accident. Whenever Patch feels that Grandma may have a seizure because of her injuries, he immediately alerts another family member.

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