More than 6 Things Cats Like


Hello, welcome to the website in this new article, you will discover everything you know about your cat and what he really likes, besides kneading boxes or chasing things, could you list 10 other things he likes?

1. Sleeping

It is by far the preferred activity of most cats although it is normal for them to sleep between 15 and 16 hours a day, some can spend up to 18 hours sleeping, avoiding disturbing them while they sleep in order to avoid stress or harm their well-being, especially if they are only the kitten.

2. Hunting

Hunting instinct is innate and fundamental to a cat’s survival, although some owners may even scold cats.

When they discover that they have hunted a bird, the fact is that this reaction is not effective at all for cats, this behaviour is exciting and natural and impossible to eliminate completely.

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