Proud mother dog watches over her premature puppies in an incubator


Soothing pictures show a mother dog watching her premature puppies taking their first breath.

Kuma, a four-year-old Chihuahua, can be seen groping the incubator as she lovingly watches her babies squirm in the heat.

Enchanting pictures show her standing on her hind legs and looking anxiously through the window while the daddy dog sits nearby.

Kuma had early labour and gave birth to three puppies on April 20th in Bangkok, Thailand.

Two of them were weak and needed special care at birth.

But Kuma did not want to abandon them as they were warmed up in an incubator at the vet.
The mother dog watches the prematurely born puppies.

She landed on a green stool, one leg resting on the glass and lovingly watched her newborn puppies.

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