Researchers Reveal Losing A Dog Can Be As Hard As Losing A Loved One


If you have ever loved and lost a dog, you know it is an incredibly painful experience. After all, a pet is not just an animal you own – it’s someone you consider a member of your family. You share a special bond with them, and they become your best friend and companion. The loss of a dog can cause deep sadness.

Many times dog owners need time to grieve and process the loss of their beloved pets before they can continue. Those around them who have not experienced this pain may not understand. You could tell a grieving “pet parent” to just get over it because it is “just a dog”. This, however, only serves to increase the pain.


Now science has proved that mourning the loss of a beloved dog is not unusual and is indeed a real and valid experience. In fact, this research suggests that overcoming the death of a deceased pet can be more difficult than healing a person by dying. Here is what we have learned from this study, why it can be so difficult to overcome the loss of a dog.

5 Reasons why the loss of a dog is as severe as the loss of a loved one :

“Sometimes it’s more painful to lose a pet than to lose a human, because in the case of the pet, you didn’t act like you loved it.” – Amy Sedaris

1. Bonding

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