The best pie filling ever seen has a juicy secret


What if there was an ingredient that could be added to a fruit tart to give it a nice, thick filling and make it taste as if it were from a bakery? *What if it doesn’t need any professional skills or talents? What if it were as simple as boiling water?

I got to know this technique when I read an old southern cookbook and my mind was overwhelmed. It was such an “aha” moment. Why haven’t I thought about it before?

For someone who is not a professional baker and worries about baking, this method is just right for me. I am all for minimum effort with maximum results. It doesn’t need any fancy tools or gadgets, just a burner and a pot. Are you already curious?

The best pie filling ever seen has a juicy secret

The trick with irresistible cakes is…. Juice. Or more precisely, juice syrup. You gently reduce fruit juice to a low flame until it becomes thick and syrupy, then add the syrup to your filling and form the antidote to sad, running cakes. Pretty simple, isn’t it?

The reduction also adds concentrated flavor, intensifies the fruitiness of the cake and helps combine the filling, which requires less sugar and corn starch. This method works for any type of fruitcake you make – apple, blueberry, strawberry, pear, peach or cherry.

If you are reducing the juice, you should check it regularly, especially towards the end of the process. If it is reduced too much, it may burn and taste bitter. The consistency should be like maple syrup rather than molasses.

Below is a recipe for an indispensable cherry cake. It is an uncomplicated recipe that will impress even the most snobbish eaters. If you’re afraid of making your own cake dough, you’re welcome to replace the dough you bought in the store. This is a non elevation zone. Bake now!
Kelly Paige

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