The Internet is obsessed with this puppy named narwhal who has a tail that comes out of his forehead.

By: @dog_rates

A rescue puppy with a second tail that seems to come out of his head has been described as an “absolutely perfect little anomaly”. And, uh, we should agree.

The 10-week-old dog was rescued by Mac’s Mission – a rescue operation specializing in helping dogs with special needs – after being found wandering the streets and named Narwhal, because the protrusion looks like a horn.

“It is literally the most magical thing you have ever seen, and so happy,” Rochelle Steffen, founder of the Missouri Rescue Center, told the PA news agency. “Everyone wants to see him. I had so many volunteers who came to see me and asked me if I could play with narwhal. And it became the thing to take with him because he’s so cute.”

Narwhal visited the veterinarian on Tuesday where x-rays showed that there were no bones in the “tail”, which does not move, and he received a certificate of good health.

The narwhal received a certificate of good health from a veterinarian on Tuesday (Mac’s Mission/PA)

Steffen said his rescue specializes in helping “trap” animals that would have “no chance anywhere else”.

She said they had had a five-legged dog, a three-legged dachshund, blind and deaf animals, as well as dogs with palatal slits and feeders – but she had never seen anything like narwhal before.

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