This Guy Dresses Up As Batman To Save Shelter Animals From Euthanasia And Find Them Loving Families


Not all heroes wear capes, but when it comes to helping animals in need, some do.

That’s what a homeless pit bull named Koko experienced when the Caped Crusader himself changed her life forever.
Batman saves Pitbull and drives her home to her forever.

Koko arrived as a stray at Tampa’s Pet Resource Center. Day after day, she waited patiently for a family to choose her. But before that day could come, she was put on the euthanasia list. Koko, who had an hour to live, was taken from the shelter by her foster mother and months later found a home forever in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

instagram: @batman4paws

The only problem? She had no way of getting there.

An eight-hour road trip in an elaborate Batman costume is part of Van Dorn’s day-to-day business. “I’d say I’m just the middleman,” Van Dorn told the Dodo. “The true heroes are the people who give these dogs a good, loving home.”

Koko is one of many dogs and cats that Van Dorn has helped transport from overcrowded shelters to the safety of their eternal homes.

And although dressing as a Batman is not necessary to save an animal’s life, Van Dorn has helped open a dialogue on the importance of adoption and care.

instagram: @batman4paws

“The costume just makes everyone happy and smiles,” said Van Dorn. “It’s something special to see Batman walking around, and when they find out he’s doing a good deed in the world, they get even more excited.”

“It kind of just came as a way of embodying all the good things I wanted to do in the world,” he added, “and making it easy for people to talk to me directly.”
Batman transports homeless animals

Van Dorn grew up watching the Batman animation series and volunteered to work with animal rescue when his family adopted an Australian shepherd named Mr. Boots. When it was time for Van Dorn to set up his own rescue organisation, he decided to do it as Batman, with Mr Boots, of course, who occasionally joined as Robin.
Batman and his dog, dressed as Robin.

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