[Video]Greek Hachiko Won’t leave a place where the owner died in a car accident 18 months ago.


If there is one film that will certainly make you cry as if it were nobody’s business, it is the legendary “Hachi”: A Dog’s Tale”. Based on the real story of an incredibly loyal and heartbroken Japanese Akita who waited for his master at Shibuya Station in Tokyo every day for nine years after his death. A symbol of remarkable fidelity and fidelity, Hachiko has been represented in many adaptations of pop culture around the world: books, films, statues, and more. The touching story of a beautiful friendship between a man and his dog is repeated 94 years later in Greece, where this devoted dog did not move an inch from where his master experienced his tragic fate 18 months ago.

So take a napkin, because it will prove once again that we don’t deserve dogs. And if you thought you were a loyal and loving friend, this dog will teach you more than your heart can handle.

According to Nafpaktia News, the owner of the dog was a 40-year-old man, Haris, who died on November 9, 2017 after a collision with a cement mixer on the old Evinos River ring road. The news shook the local community, as a few years earlier, his brother had lost his life in a similar accident.

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