[Video]Puppy plays dead to avoid the vet – amazingly convincing!


The morning of this hilarious video was recorded, the intelligent Shiba recorded it when Mom came through the door to wake her up. It’s best to play dead until she finds out what’s going on.

“Will you wake up soon, sweetie?” asks Micki, reaches down and gives her puppy a good belly massage.

And then here he is: “You have to go to the vet soon, darling.

Screenshot : lulu shiba inu inu/YouTube

Well done, Mom. She might as well get the defib because there’s no way she’s getting out of bed now that she knows the horrors of the day. But Mama is persistent, and if her wheedling and cooing doesn’t do the trick, she pulls on the ceiling. But Lulu is one step ahead of her, because once her whole body is exposed, it’s clear that mortality has already set in. All she asks is to bury her with her favorite squeak.
shiba inu plays dead.

“Oh good,” says Micki. “Dead puppies are not treated.”

“Tr- …. Did you say treats?”

Got it! Watch Lulu’s convincing performance in the video below and share to spread more laughs!

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