Woman Carries 55-Pound Dog For 6 Hours To Save His Life


Danger can make people work miracles. You’ve heard of people lifting cars to save saved, trapped loved ones. Or perhaps running into fire to save a child and appearing unharmed. Well, that’s what happened when Tia found an injured 55 pound dog on the mountain.

Woman with dog
Source : Screenshot of Pickler and Ben on Youtube

Tia and her 67-year-old father were about a third of the way on their mountain hike when they came across the abandoned dog. Owners who are nowhere to be seen, Tia would not leave him to die. The 55 pound dog had suffered quite severe injuries and did not move well. She knew it wouldn’t go down the mountain on its own, so she picked it up and carried it on her shoulders. For six hours.

But the jumper spaniel was worth it.

“It was quite finished,” said Tia. “He couldn’t walk…. As far as I know, he could have been out there for a week.”

And the hike was not easy, with or without a dog.

“Yes, we had to walk through snow, we lost our way sometime. It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in my life.”

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